Les Discrets - ''Ariettes oubliées...''

New Les Discrets!

I downloaded the songs this morning, because, to be honest, I especially wanted to hear the new version of 'Après L'Ombre', (for those who aren't familiar with the band's earlier work, that song already appeared on a split with ALCEST, and was really something!) and I can say that it, along with all of the other songs on this new album, fails to disappoint! Why, this is even more beautiful than their outstanding debut from 2010!

This is ceirtainly a treat for true music lovers: it's deep, melodious, melancholic and mesmerizing! French musicians have always been known for including a great deal of emotion in their music.
And you know that music is good when you don't understand the lyrics, but still manage to connect with the emotion the song carries on a deeper level! That's what this album is for me: an eruption of emotions, even though I don't understand a single word in French!

The instrumentation is captivating, drawing influences mainly from post-rock, but also from doom metal and acoustic music. It is definitely something you would listen too on a grey rainy afternoon. There is, of course, a certain amount of heaviness present on this album, not enough to call Les Discrets a metal band, but just enough to do some good to their overall sound.

The vocals are great too, and the French language suits this music rather well. They are a perfect addition to the rainy-mood-sound that Les Discrets has, and are both male and female!

The sound from the previous album has been polished, and now everything sounds cleaner than their previous releases. We've got a couple of old songs re-recorded (namely, Après L'Ombre and an acoustic version of L'Échappée, which both sound fantastic, and might I say, even manage to keep and improve the emotion that both original versions possess) and of course a lot of new pieces.

All those who aren't familiar with this band should definitely start with this album or the Alcest split, (talk about a chance to get to know two awesome bands at once!) because this here is really some beautiful music and I really recommend it to every music lover... and all lovers.

10 / 10
Reviewed by 'distant'.

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