At the end of 2010, Bonjour Tristesse | Urban Desolation was born as a music sharing blog. The intention was - and still is - to support and promote artists and bands which are placed in the melancholic, depressive and atmospheric sector including genres like Depressive (Black-)Metal, Post-Rock, Post-(Black-)Metal, Depressive Rock or the Black Metal + Shoegaze/Post-Punk/Post-Rock symbiosis.

After a couple of months in which the blog grew quite quickly, the decision to expand to something like a webzine and to go a more 'professional' way was made. Instead of only giving short descriptions and download links, there were new features like reviews and a requesting area introduced in order to reach a higher promotion/support level.

So it's needless to say that all the releases featured on this site are for promotional purposes only. In case you like what you hear, please help the artists by purchasing their material and support them at their live shows! In case you don't, show decency and delete it. Hearing before buying, that's what this site is all about.
In case a band/artist or their label doesn't want to be promoted here, we'll delete the links which aren't hosted on Bonjour Tristesse. If you actually want to, please use our requesting area.

Any suggestions, broken links or else can be telled by using the shoutbox or be mailed to:  


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