Absurdoom - 2012 - Drowned Souls Review

My, oh my! First Serbian Depressive Black Metal band (not counting Mržnja, he considers himself just black metal)!

And what interesting band it is! This is not your regular approach to DSBM; It's fast, more melodic than most DSBM, and generally makes more sense, (yeah, I'm getting tired of seeing the same themes within this genre) because some of the lyrics were taken from Vladislav Petković Dis, a famous Serbian poet, whose work I really like.

The music itself is more regular black metal rather than DSBM. A lot of tremolo picking, distant bass... The drums sound programmed, and while the patterns are quite good, their sound is just atrocious.

The melodies are refreshing and make this a really good debut. Without them, it just wouldn't be the same; it would get too repetitive, too fast.

The harsh vocals remind me greatly of Silencer (which is a big compliment). There are also some clean ones, which fit in great with the rest of the music. The man's got a really powerful voice!

My opinions are generally positive. Count Greshnik (the man behind this project) shows great potential and his ideas are really nice, but he would be better off with a more polished sound... perhaps that's why it felt monotonous after 2-3 listens? I've read some info and it says that this is just a full-length demo CD, so I'm looking forward to hearing more material with better production.

The album comes with a 36x24 poster which includes all lyrics and it looks great! Really good photography, also!

Check the band out here:

Review by 'distant'.

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