Interview with Monde Céleste frontman, Celeste WITH DOWNLOAD of the new EP.

Monde Céleste is described as a Dreamy Light Post-Black Metal / Noisy Lo-Fi Darkgaze project on his Facebook page, and, as the genre states, the music is really unique in its own way. I got in touch with Celeste, the only man in the band and asked him a couple of questions (Interview by 'distant'):

1. 'distant': Hey there, Celeste! Please, be so kind to introduce yourself to the readers of Bonjour Tristesse - Urban Desolation.

Celeste: What is there to say, I'm a somewhat normal teenager, writing and recording everything in Monde Céleste.

2. 'd': With music you create, music that unusual and beautiful I wouldn't just dare to call you normal Tell us, how did it start? What's the story behind your project?

Celeste: I've always felt that I'm not from this world, that I'm from a much more beautiful place, so I felt this urge to express this inner abstract reality. The celestial world.

3. 'd': I get you. This world can really be a pest at times, and what better way to escape than through music! Please, describe it a bit...

Celeste: The music is diffuse, dreamy, almost noisy, but despite its chaos, there's harmony.
It's not made to be beautiful for the big mass,
only a limited amount of people will understand the art since only a limited amount of people will feel the same way I do. Only a few will understand that the music reflects memories from a world we've never been a part of.

4. 'd': I admit I didn't get it from the start, but upon hearing your new material, I realized that the project has really matured since the first EP!
The idea of noisy post-rock or shoegaze does not sound that appealing, but you've made it work. Or was there somebody else? Please, do tell.

That have helped Monde Céleste become what it is? I don't think anyone really has changed my way of writing music, but there had been definitely a lot of things that have helped me grow as a person and with that given me new ways of seeing things, and I will be honest and say it hasn't been other musicians' art, but probably the girlfriends I've been with since Monde Céleste started.

Tobias, from Svartnad, once said that my music is "just black metal with shoegaze-melodies" and I was just like "all other post-black metal bands, trying to be Alcest".
I don't know what to say about things like that, I've never tried to make anything after someone else's rules or taste.

5. 'd': A great attitude, might I say. And your music is very much different from Alcest, you know
Now that you've mentioned the post-black genre, what do you think connects Black Metal, Shoegaze and Post-Rock?

Celeste: Post-rock, shoegaze and black metal are all really really different, but it's something with it, something that connects it on a deeper level than the wall of sound.

I think it's the companionship, we're all fucked up teenagers with problems, problems to feel love and feel loved, problems that the world fucking sucks, but we try and try all we fucking can to make it a better place.

...or maybe hope? that it could have been a perfect world?

We're dissapointed with the world today, we're skygazers? I believe that would cover even some of the trve kvlt black metal elitists.

6. 'd': I'll think more about that...
Ugh, enough of that... how about future plans? Do you have any?

Celeste: I'm hoping that some label will offer me a better studio for a full-length, and I'm planning to do a lot of more songs in the essence of 'The Celestial World'.
But I can't promise anything about how a full-length with better equipment would sound, since I write what I feel at the time writing.

7. 'd': I wish you much luck with that! By the way, you writing spontaneously, that includes lyrics too, right?

Celeste: Haha, it's a bad habit I have to improvise the vocals, but I much rather sing stuff I mean than write something that just looks nice and emotional.

8. 'd': ...and yet another thing that separates you from the others. Honestly, I could never tell you were improvising!
Do you plan on doing some gigs?

Celeste: In the future if there's anyone who wants to join for live shows, sure.

9. 'd': You mentioned a full-length. What do you think, would it be better if it was similar to the first two EP's, or would you rather do something different on it?

Celeste: As I said I want to make something with better equipment, quality and all that.
I'm hoping to get away from the My Bloody Valentine-ish noise I've been working with and move to a more dreamy, foggy, flowing sound, like Slowdive has.
Move away from the shoegaze influence and move more towards Dream pop without losing the essence, like Alcest did with Les Voyages de l'Âme.

10. 'd': Slowdive? Great choice. That will be quite interesting to hear from your project.Slowdive is perhaps the best Shoegaze band out there... What do you think?

Celeste: I wouldn't say that they're that much of a shoegaze-band at all, they're Dream pop in my eyes.
I'd say that Swirlies, My Bloody Valentine and Astrobrite are my favorites.

11. 'd': I'm going to check them out later. I'm only familiar with MBV
So, that's the music you listen to, right?

Celeste: I'm a big fan of post-punk and coldwave too, not to mention trance / psytrance / psybient.
  • Psychedelic music and drugs sure have helped me discover the celestial world.

  • I'm not a junkie or anything, I just enjoy meditating and exploring my consciousness.

    • 12. 'd': I haven't experimented with drugs, so I don't know what that feels like
    • But the music you mentioned is really good, which reminds me, do you get support from local bands?

    Celeste: Support and support... I know the guys who work with music in my town rather well (the members in the death metal band Erupted who recently signed to Abyss for example, take a listen to them!).

    To be honest, I've never really liked metalheads, I think it's ridiculous to jump around and hurt each other on a show. I'm there to see a band and listen to music I enjoy, assholes!

    13. 'd': They can be real bastards, you got that right. Are you signed on any label?

    Celeste: No, I'm not, and I don't want to be signed on a specific label, even though I would like a label to release my music, but just a few copies. 40-60 copies would be perfect.

    14. 'd': Well, I hope that all goes well with you in the future! Do you have any last words for the readers?

    "Take a deep breath
    Close your eyes
    Make a slow dive
    Skygazer, dreamer, believer.
    There's nothing to fear, let yourself fade away."

    Be sure to check out the project here and DOWNLOAD THE NEWEST RELEASE: 2012 - Hazelscents [EP].

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