Marc Broude - Medicine Review (english version)

Marc Broudes album "Medicine" is an experimental mixture of several genres (Drone, Ambient, Industrial).

"Mineral Water" is based on stormy noises, combined with reversed
sounds and diverse guitar melodies, which render an oppressive vibe.
That's the main pattern of the entire record.

"Face Covered In Shit" is, as already mentioned, pretty the same thing
like "Mineral Water". In the middle of the song you can hear some moanings.

"Fire On The Water" discards high frequencies and some voices, near the end of the track.
"Happy Like Jazz", as you can imagine, also deals with frequencies, with the only
difference that they sound like mechanic/futuristic...
(...hearing that song may'll let you assume, that each song's kinda
like an introduction for the next one...)
...near the end of that track there're some guitars and drums, which are
giving an "Wild-West-Feeling".

Bongos are introducing "For The Flies", - a song that sounds like it has been
recorded in an underwater world or a cave full of crystals - rattles and
chimes included.

"War Of Worlds" is just like "Mineral Water" - prevented with a sample.
At long last "Muerte" gives subtle noises, squired with chrunchy basses and

The lesson's clear: Musical cybernetics meets futurism.

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