Infinitas - Ardeur [Review, English]

The album starts off with a soft, gentle guitar intro, with some German talk in the background. Guitar's the highlight of the whole release. Its sound is awful in my opinion, but that's just the sound; the riffs are really nice. The sound kind of reminds me of Soliness, except this is more harsh. Both mid-tempo and fast songs are written nicely, with guitars kicking in after some ambient or melodic intros, which kind of saved the whole thing from failing when it comes to good production.

It's not the most atmospheric thing I've heard in my life, but it doesn't lack good atmosphere in any way, I can tell you that! Melodic preludes in some songs add up to the whole atmosphere, while aggressive suicidal (black metal) vocals do an even better job, making it an enjoyable audial pleasure, but apart from that aren't really special in any way. Clean vocals are also present, not only spoken ones (which are, by the way, in German, and sound really good), but also sung, which aren't really necessary, but don't ruin the whole impression. (Ruine track).

The drums are just the way I like them; Real. Not much to it, really.

The track that stands out here is Illusion which is completely ambient, and is a great one, because it adds a lot of variety to the release! It's simplistic and really likable! However, not all is good! Those were all really positive comments, but this release doesn't exactly introduce the listener to anything new or special, which is the main flaw here, and should be worked on for the next release. Conclusion: Everyone who listens to this kind of music will be pleased with these songs, but certainly, none of them completely stand out in a bunch of other great songs recorded by other bands.


- Music
7 (Really great music, but I've heard it all before) 
- Songwriting
- Production
7 (Hate the guitar sound) 
- Vocals -  
7 (Your regular DSBM screams, accompanied with some spoken clean ones; Nothing special.) 
- Lyrics
? (Sorry, German is not my thing :D) 
- Booklet - (Don't count this grade)
10 (All I got was this black/white cover with some woman. Looks great, nice font, effects and logotype)

- Distant

Tracklist "Ardeur"



2.Ardeur     [2:36]
3.Ruine     [5:07]
4.Illusion     [3:13]
5.Mein einsam letztes Lied     [5:42]
6.Grauer Morgen     [2:50]
7.Der letzte Sonnenaufgang (Bonus)     [9:18]
Total playing time    29:57

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