Vranorod - Colors [Review, English]

"Far better than their previous works!", was the first conclusion I made after listening this joyful track! The song is exactly what the title says: COLORS! Let me explain:

Imagine: A red burst of emotional female vocals, which eventually "turn" purple during the slower part of the song. Blue clean guitars, which kick in at some point. Grayish drums, played in a very upbeat manner. Green, loud, energetic bass, which is predominant in the whole mix. Darker blue male vocals, which are rare, but do their job alright! Yellow electric guitars, played in the background, making the song fast and alive!

Worthy of a special mention are Jelena's vocals, which fit outstandingly into the song structure; They can be strong, but the next thing you know, they're soft and dreamlike, and when accompanied with the guitars and drumming, make a perfect vortex of colours!


 - Music -
10 (Great improvement! Colours through audio!) 
- Songwriting -
10 (Just let them keep this up!)
- Production
8 (Yet another improvement!) 
- Vocals
9.5 (Male vocals could be just a little better :D) 
- Lyrics
8 (Cool lyrics! I really liked 'em! (You can read them on the metal-archives!) 
- Booklet -  (or in this case cover) (This grade does not count)
6 (Nothing special)

- Distant

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