V/A - Long Distance... [2011]

The escalator is slowly circling upwards, my eyes are pained by the increasing strong white light. Helpless, more and more helpless. I am just like a wandering ghost. No one sees me, and no one hears me. 5-way Post-Black Metal/Blackgaze/Depressive Rock split from The Last Days, abesse2/084, Höstkänslor, Even Less and Camollís!
- Pest Productions -


Album     Long Distance...
Year     2011
Type     Split
Genre(s)     Post-Black Metal | Post-Rock
     Shoegaze | Depressive Rock
Location     V/A
Size     44,5 MB
Label     Pest Productions


The Last Days - Leaving (Part I)

2.The Last Days - Leaving (Part II)     [8:19]
3.abesse2/084 - Distant     [2:41]
4.abesse2/084 - Glare (Split Edit)     [4:48]
5.Höstkänslor - Wishper     [12:06]
6.Even Less - In Another Life     [11:37]
7.Camollís - Prologo     [7:47]
Total playing time   50:53

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