Aevan - Ethernal/The Van [2011]

Aevan's Ethernal cover actually looks a bit like there could be some dreamy shoegaze on it, doesn't it? Well, there isn't. Not in first line anyway. What you get here is some high-quality Atmospheric/Alternative Rock underlined with acoustic parts. A few songs certainly work with some Post-Rock and Shoegaze elements (on tracks like 'Dive with the Wale, for example) which creates a dreamy and cineatic atmosphere sometimes, but when it comes to Ethernal as a whole album, consider it as Rock. However, the onlything I don't like that much is the vocals which aren't as powerful as they should be in my opinion.

The following EP "The Van" however also deals with Alternative Rock though it's Rock 'n' Roll influenced and sleazy as well. Compared to Ethernal, The Van definitely is easier to listen to, a record which can be heard incidentally. But as I said regarding Ethernal, the vocals doesn't fit in perfectly. At least on The Van they could have been dirtier as it would be some more homogeneous concerning the Rock 'n' Roll influence.


Album     Ethernal | The Van
Year     2011
Type     Full-Length | EP
Genre(s)     Alternative/Atmospheric Rock
Location     France
Size     187,7 MB
Label     self-released




2.Dawn and a Daze     [5:35]
3.Into the Wild     [4:35]
4.About Your Beauty     [1:45]
5.Weightless Autumns     [7:40]
6.From Autumn to Winter's Shore     [2:55]
7.Spring     [4:42]
8.Summer     [4:08]
9.All These Stars     [5:57]
10.Dive with the Wale     [3:10]
11.Eagle Nebula     [5:19]
12.She, Passing Bye     [6:12]
13.Roads     [2:09]
Total playing time   1:00:22

The Van


Dirt in Cars

2.Heaven in Hell     [3:29]
3.Sum Up     [3:16]
4.I Ain't Listening to You (I'm Looking at Your Body)     [2:05]
5.In My Time of Tasting     [3:00]
6.Earth & Friends     [4:13]
7.Venus in a Van     [3:31]
8.The Girl     [2:58]
Total playing time   25:26

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