Side of Despondency - Demo [2011]

Russian Side of Despondency's second release is nothing but a highly recommendable mix of Depressive Black Metal and some Shoegaze/Post-Rock elements and a record that definitely deserves more listeners. Anyone who is into the Post-whatever-thing should give it a try. At least.


     Side of Despondency
Album     Demo
Year     2011
Type     Demo
Genre(s)     Depressive [Post-]Black Metal
Location     Russia
Size     50,5 MB
Label     Rigorism Productions


Fading Light Of Frozen Sun

2.Sticky Cold Pierced My Flesh      [6:16]
3.Memories Of Lost      [4:24]
4.Tears     [3:10]
5.The Funeral Rain (I Shalt Become cover)      [4:04]
Total playing time    22:38

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