Finnr's Cane - Wanderlust [2010]

Canadian band Finnr's Cane is an unusual trio in more than one respect: not only do they replace the bass guitar completely with a cello, their songs also are created not by means of any conscious way of composition, but through an intuitive process of improvisation. This unconventional approach to music leads them to sonically extraordinary results: in the epic tracks of their debut album "Wanderlust," Finnr's Cane intertwine bitter-cold riffs with gorgeous melodies, Black Metal frenzy with ambient-like atmospheric rock, only following their infallible instinct for exciting soundscapes far from well-worn paths.
May the wild songs of Finnr's Cane invite all those who are adventuresome on an ecstatic trip through scenarios of snow and ice that are as impressive as they are deadly, a trip that you won't be forgetting soon...! .
- Prophecy Productions -


     Finnr's Cane
Album     Wanderlust
Year     2010
Type     Full-Length
Genre(s)     Atmospheric [Post-]Black Metal
Location     Canada
Size     79,6 MB
Label     Prophecy Productions


The Healer

2.Snowfall      [4:51]
3.A Winter for Shut-Ins      [6:14]
4.The Lost Traveller      [6:29]
5.Glassice     [8:21]
6.The Hope for Spring      [6:03]
7.Eternal     [7:03]
8. House of Memory      [6:15]
Total playing time    48:16

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