Fen & De Arma - Towards The Shores Of The End [2011]

Black Metal influenced by the British shoegaze scene is fairly common but Fen have the all important edge - songs. De Arma are no sloches either. Former Armagedda man A's new outfit leans a little closer to the Burzum vibe but are with enough of a grasp of dynamics to match Fen's brilliance. A reflective double header.
- Metal Hammer UK -


     Fen | De Arma
Album     Towards The Shores Of The End
Year     2011
Type     Split
Genre(s)     Black Metal | Shoegaze | Post-Rock
Location     UK | Sweden
Size     116,8 MB
Label     Nordvis Produktion


Fen - Soilbound

2.Fen - Ageless Thenody     [8:17]
3.Fen - Towards The Shores Of The End     [8:19]
4.Fen - Bereft (Acoustic Reprise)     [4:11]
5.De Arma - Crimson Waters Ebbing The Shore     [6:28]
6.De Arma - Noemata     [9:02]
7.De Arma - From Horizon to Oblivion     [7:12]
Total playing time    52:10

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