Bonjour Tristesse - II [Compilation, 2011]

Bonjour Tristesse - II takes the same direction as Vol. I does, but this time I tried to make it a bit more homogeneous. Well, there's actually nothing more to say but enjoy the next wave of unknown and/or new acts that will rise in the Post-Black Metal genre.

 - cover by Dysfunktion -


Album     Bonjour Tristesse - II
Year     2011
Type     Compilation
Genre(s)     Black Metal | Post-Rock | Shoegaze
Location     Various
Size     96,5 MB


SoulSide - Lifelink

2.Mélancolie - Too Late[6:09]
3.abesse2/084 - Huminoid[2:24]
4.Gravity's End - Orion[3:28]
5.Infinitas - Ruine[5:04]
6.Delichon Urbica - In This Room [6:14]
7.Dormant Life - Decay of the World[8:34]
8.Bael Funestus - Beyond the Universe[4:35]
9.Theologiae - The Ardor Sanctus[9:00]
10.Falloch - We Are Gathering Dust[9:00]
11.Undernightsky - Broken Seams [8:22]
Total playing time1:09:19

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