Bonjour Tristesse Vol. I - Urban Desolation [Compilation, 2011]

Bonjour Tristesse Vol. I - Urban Desolation intends to focus and preview to the next wave of bands floating the growing "Blackwave" or "Blackgaze" genre in first line. It gets completed by new songs of well-known artists and such who currently aren't known at all - plus a song from Phest, the band in which Neige and Fursy used to play several years ago. 
Some of the artists included on this compilation will release their debuts via Pest Productions or Self Mutilation Services soon.

- cover by Dysfunktion -


Album     Bonjour Tristesse Vol. I - Urban Desolation
Year     2011
Type     Compilation
Genre(s)     Black Metal | Post-Rock | Shoegaze
Location     Various
Size     153,7 MB


Even Less - Dead End

2.Cold Wind - Delirium[9:04]
3.Ásjón - Draumkennd Þrá[3:20]
4.The Last Days - Leaving[5:19]
5.The Last Days - Amesoeurs [Cover][4:10]
6.Lostime - Demo I[5:58]
7.Shroud of Distress - Moments[4:49]
8.Shroud of Distress - Farewell[4:56]
9.Phest - Féerie De Mes Rêves[7:20]
10.We Steal Sunshine - Where It All Began[13:36]
11.Call From Afar - A Modest Sky[3:28]
12.Líam - Sunshine[5:05]
13.Líam - The Moon Is A Cold Light[7:23]
14.Líam - When Hills Call Back[9:32]
15.Klinikk - Saturday Night Lights[1:55]
16.Klinikk - Loneliness is Underrated[3:31]
17.Sad Winter - A Flowering Star[4:49]
18.Wistful - Ego[6:57]
19.Wistful - Anagoge[6:31]
20.Wistful - Kenosis[4:37]
21.Bonjour Tristesse - Lebenskraft[6:21]
22.Bonjour Tristesse - Tu Es Inscrite Dans Les Lignes Duplafond[7:50]
Total playing time     2:12:14

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  1. Nice one!
    Thank you for The Last Days - Amesoeurs [Cover]. I've been looking for that everywhere.
    Make another one! :)