Fu Xi - In the Quiet Road [2009]

These days, there aren't many bands that unknown by being this good. While they're mostly getting tagged as Doom or Folk Metal, there are ven elements of Depressive Rock (on 'Legacy', for example) used if you ask me. So, if you like Depressive Doom/Rock and a big portion of traditional Chinese Folk, then this might be the right thing for you.


     Fu Xi
Album     In the Quiet Road
Year     2009
Type     Full-Length
Genre(s)     Doom Metal | Depressive Rock | Chinese Folk
Location     China
Size     32 MB
Label     Shang


伏羲 [Fu Xi]

2.在寂静的路上 [In the Quiet Road]      [6:21]
3.舞 [Dance]     [7:11]
4.遗 [Legacy]     [6:15]
5.赤灵月 [Chek Ling Month]     [4:53]
6. 南无疆 [South Has No End]     [4:24]
7. 结束曲 [Outro]     [3:29]
Total playing time    34:25

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