Zloslut - Abyss Of Eternal Deception [Review]

Zloslut. An awesome band name (literal translation ''the one who means evil'').
Evil song titles. Raw production. Black and white cover. What more could one want? Yeah, well, not all is that perfect. I'll be honest, Zloslut is NOT Hunter's best project. In terms of production, it blows. Drums are well programmed, but their sound is so overwhelmingly dumb, it's not even funny. The music is your average Raw Black Metal with acoustic interludes (which are the highlight here).

The whole release is raw, so raw, it would be better off as a Black Metal / Noise release (with your occasional DSBM, otherwise it wouldn't end up here). The riffs are repeated a lot of times, but manage to get boring after a lot of listens (Perhaps, the problem of the whole genre?). On the other hand, track 4 starts with an acoustic intro, which is really enjoyable and melancholic, and doesn't sound that monotonous at all. I'm listening to it for the fifth time now, and it still doesn't sound boring!

Hunter's vocals are nice. Abbath-ish 'burps'. Nothing too special, but add more fucking rawness to the demo!
It's good that this release is not longer, otherwise I'm sure it would get pretty boring. All I can say is: listen to this, buy the tape if you like, and if you don't, well, nobody gives a fuck :)Final comment: it would be better off with some distortion and more reverb.


- Music -
7 - not bad, but gets monotonous. Love the acoustic part!
- Songwriting -
7 - some mistakes in the guitar work are obvious, but this is Raw Black Metal, right?
- Production -
5 - programmed drums sound like shit.
- Vocals -
8 - Abbath burps, a little far in the mix, if you ask me, but still pretty good.
- Lyrics -
? - ...but the song titles look promising.
- Booklet -
8 - the logotype is invisible.

  - Review by 'distant' -


  1. I have to disagree.
    "programmed drums sound like shit."
    Hell no! Considering that they are programmed it sounds great.
    "it would be better off as a Black Metal / Noise release"
    This has absolutely nothing to do with noise, this is just Black Metal. It's not even DSBM as it doesn't have that required atmosphere, and the riffs aren't THAT repetitive as reviewer described.
    "Zloslut is NOT Hunter's best project"
    Well, this is a matter of taste, but I have to say, this IS his best project, and his best work I've heard so far. Far more mature songwriting than other bands he is playing with at the moment.

  2. I would like to thank this anonym person, who kind of "defended" Zloslut band..
    But everyone have his view on it, and i accept every critic or compliment...



  3. You can get a lot better sound with programmed drums. Well, maybe they sound nice to you, but I don't like the sound myself.

    This could really be pulled off as noisy black metal, believe me. And it would be twice as good.

    I did say they get 'boring after a lot of listens', read carefully, please. I didn't say it was THAT repetitive.

    As for your third comment... Well, it's a matter of taste, I suppose...