Interview with -ZLOSLUT-

1. 'distant' : Hello, Hunter! First of all, thanks for doing this interview for Bonjour Tristesse - Urban Desolation. Please, introduce us to music of Zloslut.

Hunter: Hey, hey! Well, let’s start! When it comes to the first demo, Zloslut’s music is a collection of riffs / melodies from my other projects (Everything Dies, Stonecrypt, Necroterror…) which weren’t accepted, or have been forgotten by other members. Some lyrics were written back in 2009, even though Zloslut is active since 2010. I’ve accompanied those with some music, and I’m pleased with how everything sounds. I’d describe my music like cold and raw, even though ‘Triumph of Evil’ is, for example a Thrash / Black song.

2. 'd' : What are your goals with Zloslut?

H: Well, this is a complicated question, because I formed Zloslut in March, 2010, and have recently re-formed it in July, 2011… But for now, my goal is to prepare new songs, which will be much more powerful, and somehow, more atmospheric. I would like more people to hear it, here in Serbia and abroad.
3. 'd' : Please, tell us something about your lyrics and ideology.

H: Lyrics are mainly feelings of loneliness, depression which leads to death. For example, tracks 1, 2 and 4 from the demo are based on those themes, while track 3 is filled with occult, evil and blasphemous lyrics. I probably won’t publish the lyrics anywhere; It’s a private thing.

4. 'd' : Do you have side-projects? Is Zloslut your side-project?

H: I guess you can call Zloslut my side-project, but still, this project is very important to me and it will last long, for sure! When the opportunity comes, I always focus on Zloslut and do everything and decide about everything. There’s no hurry with Zloslut, but it’s different with Kolac, Everything Dies and Stonecrypt, because those are bands; You have to work harder on those, you have to go to rehearsals, prepare for gigs. It’s usually a collective decision, and everything goes kind of faster than in a one-man band.

5. 'd' : What inspires you to write such music? Bands? Places?

H: To tell you honestly, I have a lot of sources of inspiration, ha-ha… I’m a big fan of comic books, (Dylan Dog, Dampyr, Brad Barron, Tex…) and after reading them, I get some interesting ideas!

I’m also inspired a lot by movies, sometimes even songs (but I try to avoid that, because I know the result will be very similar to the original, in the end!)…

As for depressive lyrics / songs, that can be influenced by private problems, but not only that. Sometimes, inspiration can come after a regular walk in a snowy night… it all depends…

6. 'd' : I've seen you've released a split with legendary Uruk-Hai and Gromkult from America? Please tell us something about it!

H: Gromkult needed promotion of their new songs, and apart from internet downloads, it’s impossible finding a Gromkult release here, in Serbia. I found the idea interesting, so we collaborated. Soon after, I've asked Huging from Uruk-Hai to join, which he did. I wanted to promote my new songs also.
Zloslut tracks that were used on this split were “Misterieuse Promenade Macabre Du Défunt" and "Abyss Of Eternal Deception".
The tracks are identical to the demo version. It’s not a re-mastered or a re-recorded version.As for labels, I’ve been searching for a long time. I asked Smell the Stench and Depressive Illusions Records, but they weren’t so interested. I found a few more, but their terms were very complicated.

I gave up, and released the demo on my own label, Silent Scream Records, limited to 80 copies on tape. I’m a very impatient person, and I thought it wasn't worth waiting 5 days for a label that, by the way has only a MySpace page and a logo, to release my demo. I support the underground as much as I can, but I don’t like people who act ‘underground’, but aren't capable of doing anything.

7. 'd' : Will Zloslut ever play live?

H: This is an interesting question!

There will be gigs, I’m a 100% sure! I’m planning a mini-tour here in Serbia, in the end of January in 2012. But, I’m still looking for live members.

8. 'd' : You make music alone. Any chances there will be some other people involved?

H: No way! Zloslut is totally a one-man band. There won’t be session members. Only live members will be on stage, but they won’t make any influence on my music. It’s possible though, that someone will do vocals / play on only one song, but that's not exactly planned.

9. 'd' : Maybe some genre changes with Zloslut, like post-rock for instance? :):)
H: I really like post-rock, and that can be noticed in the acoustic part which starts and ends the track “Abbyss of Eternal Decepiton”. Of course, some other songs will sound like post-rock, but the true essence of Zloslut is Black Metal. That’s it.

10. 'd' : Future of Zloslut is in your hands. Please, tell us something about it!

H: For now, everything’s been said. Split with Gromkult and Uruk-Hai (AUS) will be out on 7th November.

After the release, I’ll be preparing some new material, which will be much better than the songs off the demo, in terms of production. It will most likely be an EP, if everything turns out all right.

In the end of November, there will be most likely some news about the mini-tour, and I already have a new band logotype!!

11. 'd' : Final words and comments are yours! Thank you for your time!

H: Huge thanks for you, the readers, and Bonjour Tristesse – Urban Desolation blog! You can read all info on my facebook and MySpace pages, and I suggest you always check the facebook page first, since I need more time to post on MySpace.

I’d also like to thank these people:

Horde from Batajnica: Everything Dies, Stonecrypt, Mond, Frozen-Hearted, [C.T.D.]!My girlfriend, guys from Kolac and Mržnja, Nikola Vukobratić (Zlabog Promotion) on his advertisements, Bane (Bane band), guys from Malaise Interieur blog and others who support me!

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