Unearthly Trance - Season of Séance, Science of Silence [2003]

Hailing from Long Island/Brooklyn New York, UNEARTHLY TRANCE formed in 2000. Founding members Ryan (Rion) Lipynsky and Jay Newman started with the idea of a ‘Metaphysical Funeral Pyre’. Like a Phoenix Undead, UNEARTHLY TRANCE instantly gained attention due to the heavy atmospheric riffs laced with viciously attacking vocals.

After hearing UT’s original demo tape “SonicBurialHymns”, Southern Lord Recording’s Greg Anderson quickly released the debut 7” ep “Lord Humanless Awakens” for the 7” of Doom series. Within a year, UNEARTHLY TRANCE put themselves on the map and into the subconscious of the underground metal scene.

(from Last.fm)
A really ugly piece of sludge. For every Eyehategod or Grief fan a must.

Unearthly Trance - Season of Séance, Science of Silence

(Rise Above Records / 2003 / Sludge / 192 kbps)

1. Raised by the Wolves 09:39
2. Mass of the Phoenix 09:26
3. When Anti-Humanity Flourishes 04:05
4. Wandering Winter Winds 09:47
5. Black Heart/Black Lung 04:16
6. The Aftermath Was Morbid 09:07

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