Murder By Death - Who Will Survive, And What Will Be Left Of Them? [2003]

Indiana’s Murder by Death (formerly known as Little Joe Gould) layers the vocal sounds of an old saloon with the haunting strings of a Hungarian folk dance and the hard driving rhythms of pure rock ‘n’ roll, producing what Stuff magazine has called “lush, orchestrated songs,” somehow simultaneously reminiscent of Johnny Cash and Radiohead.

Added to that thick and intriguing sound are a series of dark and ironic lyrics, combining the mood and tone of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds with the narrative force of The Decemberists or a short story by Nathaniel Hawthorne. Adam Turla fills out these sometimes frightening, sometimes beautiful lyrics by conjuring up a cast of character voices, allowing the songs to speak with the force of the characters themselves, and providing the listener with a sense of ensemble unique in rock music.

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You want the soundtrack for a walk in the desert with only a whisky bottle in your hand? Here it is.

Murder By Death - Who Will Survive, And What Will Be Left Of Them?

(Eyeball Records / 2011 / Indie / 160 kbps)

1. The Devil In Mexico 5:22
2. Killbot 2000 3:43
3. Until Morale Improves, the Beatings Will Continue 3:57
4. Three Men Hanging 3:47
5. Intermission 1:14
6. A Masters in Reverse Psychology 3:13
7. The Desert is on Fire 3:11
8. That Crown Don't Make You a Prince 4:00
9. Pillars of Salt 4:45
10. End of the Line 9:03

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