Monde Céleste [2011]

Located in Sweden, Monde Céleste (celestial world/himmlische Welt) plays 'Dreamy Light Post-Black Metal' influenced by bands like Sleeping Peonies, Morose or Heretoir. Every single song on this kinda Compilation can also be downloaded for free on their Facebook page.

Fragments by Katua, drawn together by Dysfunktion


     Monde Céleste
Album     -
Year     2011
Type     -
Genre(s)     Post-Black Metal
Location     Sweden
Size     31,6 MB
Label     -


A Dream of Space

2.Blossom.     [2:58]
3.Monde Céleste     [7:19]
4.Starlit     [2:10]
5.Tristesse I     [3:07]
6.Tristesse II     [3:12]
7.Tristesse III     [5:06]
8.Virgo.     [3:00]
9.Winter Breeze, Summer Seas     [4:04]
Total playing time    35:37

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