Lifelorn [2011]

I guess hardly everyone has heard of this project during the last months, huh? Well, it's still a shame that good acts such like the Malaysian one man band Lifelorn are terribly unknown although they've got a myspace page or similar things to promote theirselves. Anyway, don't focus on the fact it's from Malaysia too much. Bands from Asia, especially those who make some (Black-)Metal, are often raw and/or fairly unmixed, but he does his job quite well if you ask me. His works sometimes remind me of German Happy Days. I'm going to present you two tracks by now, other ones can be found on his myspace page.

- cover by Dysfunktion -


Album     -
Year     2011
Type     -
Genre(s)     [Depressive] Black Metal | Depressive Rock
Location     Malaysia
Size     11,4 MB
Label     self-released


A Crushing Epiphany

2.Worlds Apart     [8:30]
Total playing time    16:21

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