The Foetal Mind - Suprême Cheminement [2009]

After releasing five self-released demos between July 2007 and April 2009, The Foetal Mind unleashes their first full-length album Supreme Cheminement on Hypnotic Dirge Records five months after signing with the lable back in August. Since June 2009, The Foetal Mind has comprised of a full band line-up playing shows and spreading gloom throughout their homeland france and other neighboring european countries. The Foetal Mind has perfected their sound over the past two years, and on Supreme Cheminement has delivered an album which creates a beautiful atmosphere filled with raw emotion expressed so strongly. Supreme Cheminement is filled with memorable and hypnotizing riffs, contains acoustic passages, live drums and both raw and clean vocals. A true gem in the Depressive Black Metal genre, this band has the potential to once again change people's perception of the genre and is defidently one of the rising bands in France's Metal Underground!
- Hypnotic Dirge Records -


     The Foetal Mind
Album     Suprême Cheminement
Year     2009
Type     Full-Length
Genre(s)     [Depressive] Black Metal | Doom Metal
Location     France
Size     172,3 MB
Label     Hypnotic Dirge Records


Lunar Sleep

2.No Reprisal      [5:00]
3.Kill Me      [7:22]
4.A Bleeding Dream for You      [6:30]
5.Demoniac      [7:42]
6.True Man      [5:27]
7.La Corde Rouge      [7:10]
8.Peuplé de Haine      [8:10]
9.Déshumanisation      [6:32]
10.Monotonie      [6:16]
11.Suicide Solution      [6:11]
12. Vocifération      [4:40]
Total playing time   1:17:00

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