The Foetal Mind - The Grand Contraction [2010]

A largely instrumental metal album, filled with powerful, catchy and atmospheric riffs that bring about the concept of The Grand Contraction. A very guitar based album that should please all metal fans regardless of genre, The Foetal Mind's first Professional CD shows an incredible evolution in the sound and concept of the project. The guitar work is highly melodic, catchy, and much more prolific in its approach than most black metal albums and can draw comparisons to the Amott brothers work in Arch Enemy. The overall atmosphere of the music is perhaps stronger than ever for this project. This album itself can be described as a mixture of black metal, doom, and traditional metal with a strong emphasis on melody, and a clear production quality that does not belittle the atmosphere of the music. The Grand Contraction further proves why this project should be considered one of the premier underground metal bands in France.
- Hypnotic Dirge Records -


     The Foetal Mind
Album     The Grand Contraction
Year     2010
Type     Full-Length
Genre(s)     Post-[Black] Metal
Location     France
Size     131,4 MB
Label     Hypnotic Dirge Records



2.Big Crunch      [5:13]
3.Silence      [6:16]
4.The Grand Contraction      [3:45]
5.Esperit Nosible      [7:07]
6.Instrumental      [5:25]
7.The Collapse      [6:11]
8.Nobody     [6:40]
9.Positive Destruction      [5:35]
10.Nothingness      [8:15]
11.Outro     [2:06]
Total playing time   59:02

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