powder! go away - laika still wants go home [2011]

Band: powder! go away
Album: laika still wants go home
 Year: 2011
Type: Full-length
Genre(s): Post-Rock
Location: Russia
Label: Self-Released
Size: 100 MB

1. mushroom's radiation can't make you ugly and ill, but thoughtful.
2. nobody knows what do the clouds think when they see themselves in the sea.
3. laika still wants go home.
4. 13.125 miles exploded by hundred oscillators.
5. Einstein is so sad on the pictures because he wanted to work a lighthouse keeper. lighthouses are so lone on the pictures because Einstein is dead.
6. locomotive comes in your dreams.
7. Stephen King likes electric transmition lines.
8. lost touch.
9. the water tower.
10. 13.125 miles exploded by lights.
Total playing time: 43:21

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