The Mirrors - Untitled Track 4 [2011]

The Mirrors, that's the name of the brand new Depressive Rock/Shoegaze combo from Poland. By reading Depressive Rock and Poland, I can imagine that some of you may think of Key to Nowhere - and well, nothing less is what you're about to hear by pressing the play button. As the band has only two members, P. from Key to Nowhere actually is part of The Mirrors. Therefore, you can consider their first complete song release, Untitled Track 4, as an instrumental Key to Nowhere song with less Black Metal elements in it.
Additionally, the title may has suggested it already, they're currently finishing a debut EP.

- cover by Dysfunktion -


     The Mirrors
Album     Untitled Track 4
Year     2011
Type     Single
Genre(s)     Depressive Rock | Shoegaze
Location     Poland
Size     3,9 MB
Label     self-released


Untitled Track 4

Total playing time   04:15

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