Calendula - Calendula [2011, submission]

Bonjour Tristesse is always thankful in getting requested by bands, artists and labels of any genre. But as a specialized blog, webzine or whatever we actually are, we readily can't introduce any of it for conceptual reasons. So we've decided to launch a new category called 'submission' - in order to kinda honor being requested as well as we even want those performers and labels to reach a higher attention level.
It gets started by Lo-Fi Creatures, a Black Metal/Death Metal/Hardcore label located in Italy, whose owner had sent a request to us including three artists that unfortunately doesn't fit in perfectly - although the music itself isn't bad at all.

The second request from Lo-Fi is Calendula. Musically, they're playing Post-Hardcore with southern influenced as the label itself gave this description. Now that I've listened to them for a while, my conclusion is that the description fits in so far. On the other hand, it seriously isn't anything special. So I'd like to recommend it particularly to fans of the genre.


Album     Calendula
Year     2011
Type     EP
Genre(s)     Post-Hardcore
Location     Italy
Size     16,4 MB
Label     Lo-Fi Creatures


Heat the Deep

2.Vox Loculi     [3:17]
3.Pixelating Michael     [3:11]
4.I ain't Shakespeare so I'm not gonna paraphrase it. Fuck You.     [1:50]
Total playing time   09:12

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