Interview with Kenneth of Glossolalia records!

1. 'distant': Hello, Kenneth! Please, introduce yourself to the readers of Bonjour Tristesse - Urban Desolation...

Kenneth: Hello, my name's Kenneth and I run Glossolalia Records. I'm involved in various extreme musical projects, comprised of myself and myself only or other colleagues. I've been playing/writing/recording music since I was around 9 years old. Of course, not all of those years were spent on extreme projects. That didn't really begin until 2004/2005.
2. 'd': First there were two, Gromolalian Assaults and Glossolalia. What made you quit Gromolalian Assaults?
K: Gromolalian Assaults was initially created as a platform for all Gromkult releases, but as time went on, certain parties expressed interest in being involved with it and I couldn't keep it separate from Glossolalia Records any longer. People around the web started taking notice of Gromkult and the members (including myself) decided to approach the music much more seriously. We were always serious about the music but never took much time for lyrics or concepts. That has changed. Ultimately, I closed Gromolalian Assaults because I woke up one morning and realized that it was pointless to run two different labels that released basically the exact same kind of music. 3. 'd': Tell us something about Glossolalia records. When was it created? K: I founded it in March of this year (2011) because I noticed that there were a lot of projects in my home town/state that were not getting the attention that I thought they deserved. It's been bumpy and there have been what seems like a thousand obstacles to overcome, but it's been worth it. Times are tough and money, what little there is of it, must be spent wisely. I've never made a cent off the label. Every dollar I make in profit goes right back into the label for more releases. 4.'d': What was your first release? Was it physical? Do you do physical releases at all? K: Our first release was the self-titled Terra Deep demo, raw melodic black metal. It's true, we do more digital releases than physical, and there are a couple of reasons for that. Firstly, when the label was founded I could only really afford pro CD-R, which is dirt cheap. Secondly, the CD is a dying media format. I know that I personally don't buy replicated CDs, no matter how much I like the band, and at this point in history, it's so much more cost effective to release CD-Rs/pro CD-Rs that you don't have to sell for 10,000,000€. I'm making a slow transition to offering more cassette releases than anything else, and 2012 will see Glossolalia unleash quite a few tapes onto the unsuspecting (and apathetic) public.
As for our digital releases, both exclusives and distros, we offer them because we realize that most fans of extreme or avant-garde music are like us: they like to test the waters, to sample music. In addition to that, I have my own opinions about the costlessness of art and the ramifications of commodifying it, but that's another conversation. 5. 'd': Which genres does Glossolalia specialize in? How do you feel about post-rock, shoegaze, DSBM... stuff like that?

K: To date, we've released primarily underground/raw/experimental/atmospheric black metal of the American variety, as well as some drone, experimental noise and ambient releases. Of the three genres you listed, I actually probably like DSBM the least. There are some incredible bands in those branches of black metal (Thy Light, Abyssic Hate, ColdWorld, I Shalt Become, Anti, Xasthur). I love both post-rock and shoegaze. This Will Destroy You do a great job of integrating post-rock into their epic, heavy-as-fuck rock sound. Last year's albums from Sailors With Wax Wings and Pyramids were two of my favorites. I shouldn't go on too long in this vein, though, because I'll probably end up sounding like a know-nothing idiot. Black metal is my primary focus, but I have plenty of close friends that recommend atmospheric non-metal projects that they think I might like, and hey, they're usually right. Like this year's Kauan album. Absolutely incredible and gutwrenching. 6. 'd': I'm aware that you have quite a lot of your own projects. Please introduce some. Do you release them on your label?
K: This will probably be the easiest way to do this: - Arkhum (blackened death metal, Vendlus Records) - Earthenwomb (experimental black metal/noise/drone/ambient, Glossolalia Records) - Skeld (raw black/death metal, Glossolalia Records) - Gromkult (raw black metal, Glossolalia Records) - Alkmorhilyion, R.I.P. 2011 (black metal/noise, Glossolalia Records) - Revenants in Poveglia, R.I.P. 2011 (black metal/noise, Glossolalia Records) - Willowbrook (harsh noise, Glossolalia Records) - Darkosis (experimental noise/raw black metal, Glossolalia Records) - Eldritch Flamethrower (thrash metal, debut release upcoming from Glossolalia Records) 7. 'd': When it comes to limitation, do you have problems with that?
K: Let's face it: limited releases are cool. Who the fuck wants a release that there are 100,000 copies of floating around? That doesn't interest me and it doesn't interest (most) of the bands on the label. 8.'d': Please, name your 3 favourite artists releasing on your label and 3 favourite albums released (excluding your own, of course).
K: I'd have to say that those artists are Eternal Eclipse, Vessel I and The Screaming Wind. To me, all three sound distinctly American, representing USBM at it's most despairing, most enraged and most uplifting, respectively. 9. ' d': Future plans? New releases and projects? More genres?
K: We have a lot of cool stuff planned. Mum's the word for now, but keep an eye out. There's been talks of 8-bit and free jazz releases, but nothing's been confirmed just yet. 10. 'd': Thanks for the interview! Any last words or comments? :)
K: No problem! And thank you, Avet. Music is shit; do you pay for shit? No, you might pay to take a shit, but you'd never pay for it. Never pay for music. Thieve it whenever you can.

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