Infinitas - 2012 A Journey to Infinity review

Do you know what is rare? A good post-black band. No, I mean really, there are plenty of awesome post-rock and black metal bands, but a good blend of post-rock melody and aggression of black metal is extremely uncommon, at least in my opinion. And even if the album is good, there's always that terrible sound production ready to destroy the whole thing.

Infinitas' previous release was not necessarily bad. I even regret being so harsh when I first reviewed it. It wasn't perfect either, but nevermind...
Now we have Journey to Infinity, and I must say it is a definite improvement. Your average post-BM fan will pretty much find anything his little heart desires on this album.

The songwriting has greatly improved since the release of 'Ardeur' in 2011. Remember those non-existant melodies I mentioned in my 'Ardeur' review? Well, now they're here, in all their amazing glory, and yes, you can easily picture infinite urban landscapes while listening to this music, since it is very picturesque.
These aren't complicated melodies, though. It's all very simple, but very effective.

The album starts off greatly with an amazing 2-minute intro, one of the best I've ever heard, and then, the black metal kicks in with frantic vocals, which sound like they belong to an insane person and a melancholic guitar melody, all followed by a pretty nice drumbeat. The mood is constant throughout the whole release, with the exception of occasional interludes which are here to greatly expand the sound. My personal favourite song is definitely Nur die Erinnerung and it is perhaps the best post-black track I've heard so far.
What's more to say? Very spacey, somewhat agressive and very melancholic. It doesn't get better than this. Go get your copy, now!

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