Grey Waters - Below the Ever Setting Sun [2010]


Grey Waters is a short-lived musical project born from the collaboration of Tim Yatras and the mysterious mister D., two prominent artists from the australian dsbm scene, thanks to well-known bands like Austere and Woods of Desolation.

This ep is something that could turn the nose up to all the fans of extreme metal, since it’s likened to the most recent Katatonia, Anathema and Joyless works: a genre that for its connotations can be defined as depressive rock with a strong emotional charge, thanks to shoegaze influences that remember My Bloody Valentine in some ways. There are combinations that create a quite enjoyable atmosphere, without flowing excessively in cheesy teenager bands-like style.

After a brief intro, the work moves in a little more than 20 minutes of music contained in four tracks that have the only serious flaw to be almost all the same. Other negative points can be found in a really poor songwriting and a singing that, unfortunately, tends to stand out this defect in songs like Say Goodbye. Nevertheless, the EP works well, offering short (and not too annoying) pieces of “poppish” rock that pass into other more beautiful and fascinating ones, full of a melancholy that flows progressively on riffing that leave their mark, enough to persuade the most loyal fans of melancholic stuff and/or those who just want to try something different, since the project doesn't seem to be driven with excessive pretentiousness.

Overall the work remains immature, or perhaps an attempt at something different, that probably will never see the light since the project is dead. Still, it remains an appreciable album worth listening to, even for the most skeptic ones. 

Vote: 6/10

- Mr. Glitch

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