Watered - To Those Who Will Never Exist

Watered is an atmospheric hybrid of post-rock, ambient soundscapes, some metal influences and also electronic elements.

The huge sound and the change between beautiful melodys and massive, distorted guitarwalls thrill everyones ear canal and leave marks in the short-time memory and long-time memory.

(from Last.fm)

If you're into post-rock and stuff, then this is a must-have for you. Check it out, it's worth it.

Watered - To Those Who Will Never Exist

(Self-Released / 2011 / Post-Rock/Ambient / FLAC)

1. Paint A Smile 3:15
2. ...On The Mirror Of Disgrace 8:58
3. Monochrome Nights 8:47
4. Nothing Left 7:59
5. We Reversed This Winter 11:12
6. Dans Les Rues 5:17
7. To Those Who Will never Exist 10:34

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