Interview with P. from Force Fed Life

'distant': Hello, P.! Introduce yourself to the readers!

P: I'm P. I do vocals and lyrics for Force Fed Life.

'd': How do you record? Are you the only one involved?

P: Actually, it is a bit funny how I record. I am the only one involved with recording my parts in the songs, however I believe D.H. will be mixing my vocals on the next songs we release. But I say it is funny how I record because I just use the free software,
Audacity and my Turtle Beach Xbox headset, haha.

'd': That's actually pretty common nowadays, but I personally like FFL more than any regular bedroom black metal band How about your ideological views and / or beliefs?

P: Thanks a lot! As for my ideological views and beliefs, I really have none. I have lost all faith in any form of politics and religion is something I truly hate. Very few things I "hate", but religion is one of them. Oh, and cigarettes... I do believe in them, haha

'd': Haha, so you're a smoker? I can see that your band is too dealing with the themes of suicide, depression and is, basically, of self-destructive nature. Don't you think it's getting a bit old? Aren't there too many bands with the same themes?

P: Unfortunately I must say yes. I remember when DSBM and the like was something special... I'm not trying to say that all these bands are fakes or anything, but I do think that the scene has just become overflown with bands, and new ones seem to come every day. Could be good or could be bad. I certainly don't want to discourage anyone from making this style of music if it is truly in their heart, but if they are fake then just fuck off and find something that actually speaks to them instead of putting on a mask for a band.

'd': Now that you've mentioned masks, your track ''Drug Mask'', what's it about? When is it going to be officially released?

P: I guess the best way to answer this would be to first provide some back story. About a year ago i got heavy into drugs. Marijuana, that new synthetic stuff "spice", Salvia, "Bathsalts" which is like a legal form of Cocaine. I would do at least one of these every night usually and used it as a way for me to hide from my fucked up thoughts and to escape from the reality i was in. I hid behind the drugs so i could face the next day. This period of my life was the inspiraton for the song ''Drug Mask''. As for when it will be released, I don't have a date, but it will be released on the split with Moloch, Psychonaut 4 and, I believe, Empty Tears.

'd': It's really awesome when you can put real emotions in a song, and you seem to do a very good job! Okay, now, two easier questions (probably): Q 1: If you could release on any label would you keep it underground or make it huge? 2: Name three artists with whom you would play or collaborate in any possible way.

P: Yes I try. Another way I tend to do that is by not writing lyrics. Just going into a song with an idea of what to sing about, and then just saying what comes to mind. This is very prevalent in a new song called "To K." Now, if I could release on any label, it would still be an underground label. Maybe SMS or Funeral Industries would be the biggest I would go. For now though, I am happy with Depressive Illusions. If I did ever release on a different label, I would always do my tapes via Sergiy. As for 3 artists, Happy Days (Scott is such a good friend of mine), Morkum. Thu and Sun Devoured Earth. I wish I could pick more, there are so many awesome bands... fuck, that was hard, haha!

'd': It seems that a lot of artists trust Sergiy with their tapes, haha! Ever dreamed of playing live? Any chance we'll see your band with a full line-up performing gigs?

P: Actually possibly. I am looking on putting a show together in mid 2012 where I'll fly D.H. down and find a drummer and getting Count Shannath, Nihilistic Misanthropy, and Black Hate
possibly another band with a good friend of mine in it...

'd': Meh, I wish I was in the USA... How about new releases? You seem like a band which takes it slow.

P: We do tend to, but D.H. has been busy this weekend and we already have 2 new songs and the 3 for the Moloch / P4 / Empty Tears split are done too. One of these new songs will be put on the split with Faulen, Nostalgia, and Dolor. The other will either go on our split with Count Shannath, the "secret" split, or the full-length. I don't plan on doing anymore splits 'till we complete a full-length. I have been doing FFL for nearly 2 years and nearly 1 with D.H., so I think it is time to release a full-length.

'd': Would you like unlimited copies of your releases?

P: I don't know. I think it would make me feel accomplished, but I really just like the thought of having limited releases. It makes it unique for the fan who buys it. It adds incentive to buy the album too, instead of just downloading it for free. Not that I am opposed to downloading for free because I give away most of my physical copies and so far I have uploaded all of our releases to mediafire for free download, but if it is a split then I only upload our songs. It is not my place to upload other artists' work. I don't care about money, just art. To answer your question more accurately though, I prefer limited releases. They are special.

'd': Good to know that some bands still don't record for profit! I've also seen you've been doing some session work for Deep-pression. Tell us something about that.

P: Yes I do under the name N. This is an inside joke between Rh- and I. Yeah though, I have been a fan of DP for a long time and got into contact with Rh- probably a year ago or so and we just hit it off. He also did the art for the FFL demo, "Reminiscent Nostalgia". One day he asked me if I would want to do vocals for some songs, so of course I said yes! Haha, 3 of the 4 songs I have done are currently available for free download on their bandcamp. The album is a split between D-p and Zone113 called "The Lost Trainstation". I did vocals for "Quintessence", "Suck!", and "Empty Windows Stare". I also did vocals for "A Mountain That Killed Many", but that song hasn't been released yet. I plan to do more songs with D-p in the future, so I guess, keep an eye out for that if you are interested.

'd': I most certainly will! Any side-projects of your own you would like to talk about?

P: I do Drone / Industrial Noise under the name UNIT-7193, and I play keyboards in a Synthpop / EBM band here locally called Black Tar Heroine. We are working on getting signed to Metropolis Records, but we have a ways to go for that. Haha, not that im trying to go against what I said about big labels earlier, it is just different what I want for FFL and what I want for BTH.

BTH also has a bit of Harsh EBM influence as well.

'd': I advise our readers to check those out too! I've heard your ''Darknet'' track, and it's awesome!

Okay, thanks for your time and for your answers! Any last words?

P: Thanks, haha and just thanks for listening and keep well. Regards... time for a cigarette haha...

Check FFL out here!

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