Do Not Be Surprised What Is Happening - Crossroads [Review]

Here we have 11 melodic tracks. I know the release is from 2010, but it's just too god, so I had to review it!
It's really a pleasure when you find a band that doesn't lack anything, has a good sound and its music just speaks to you! DNBSBWIH is one of those really-hard-to-find bands. Such musical joy as "Crossroads" is a rare find, really!

It's the guitar which makes this one so special: It's like it takes the listener on a trip, flying with "Seagulls" in the cold sky; gazing into a human sou filled with "Kindness"; making you cry "Due" to its beautiful melodies!
Changes are exceptional, appearing everywhere; For example, "Kindness" kicks off with an upbeat melody, and finishes gently, almost dreamlike, accompanied with drums which are present in almost all tracks, and, inevitably, add up to the atmosphere of the whole release.

In terms of production, it's really enjoyable, as the sound really fits the genre outstandingly, so even your regular person, not familiar with the genre, can enjoy this; If you want to check out "that post-rock thing", I highly recommend starting with this one.

It's a must. I won't even write grades. It's that good.

 - review by 'distant' -

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