Sakramortem - Pastdespairfutur [2006]

Atmospheric/Depressive Black Metal act from Germany. To be honest, this record isn't exraordinary in any way most the time - just solid Black Metal. But when it comes to the end, there is a track called 'Ausgebrannt' already waiting for you. Definitely the best one on the whole production, 'Ausgebrannt' deals with a style which is actually a bit different from what you've heard before on this release. In my view, it could even have appeared on a Fäulnis release. Yes, this single track is enough to promote a complete CD. 


Album     Pastdespairfutur
Year     2006
Type     Full-Length
Genre(s)     Atmospheric Black Metal | Depressive Black Metal
Location     Germany
Size     59,7 MB
Label     self-released



2.Nihil     [4:45]
3.Infinity      [4:48]
4.I (Instrumental)      [1:50]
5.Schleier des Vergangenen      [5:29]
6.Monumental Sleeping Gods      [4:01]
7.Ausgebrannt     [7:42]
Total playing time   34:31

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