Callisto - Noir [2006]

Callisto is a Finnish experimental metal band (Turku, Finland 2001-present). Trying to fit the sludge outfit Callisto into one single category hardly does the band justice. Founded in 2001, the sextet play a timeless, downbeat yet melancholic style of music that is rich in nuances, draws from numerous sources and doesn’t really have any obvious fellow creatures or points of comparisons.

Callisto’s debut True Nature Unfolds was recorded in 2003 by the the late Mieszko Talarczyk of Nasum fame and was introduced to Earache Records a year later through Johannes Persson from Cult of Luna, earning them worldwide distribution. The band’s sophomore album “Noir”, released in 2006, still drawing from modern sludge also introduced subtle jazz leanings, heavy use of mellotron and experimentation with unconventional rock instruments such as the saxophone and the flute.

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You cried because Isis disbanded? Here they are, the hope for atmospheric Sludge these days. It's Isis-like with Saxophon in it.

Callisto - Noir

(Fullsteam Records / 2006 / Atmospheric Sludge / 222 kbps VBR2)

1. Wormwood 7:14
2. Latterday Saints 7:29
3. The Fugitive 8:04
4. Backwoods 1:07
5. A Close Encounter 5:58
6. Pathos 6:00
7. Folkslave 8:09
8. Woven Hands 9:46

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