Wake to the Mourning - Left Behind in Desolate Lands [2010]


     Wake to the Mourning
Album     Left Behind in Desolate Lands
Year     2010
Type     Full-Length
Genre(s)     Depressive Black Metal
Location     Germany
Size     96 MB
Label     Erschrickt Records


Operation to Enlighten the Mind

2.Left Behind in Desolate Lands     [4:50]
3.Awake in This Flesh     [6:24]
4.Unite With Bliss     [3:54]
5.Self Death-Indulged     [4:08]
6.Unspoken... The Same as Yesterday     [7:45]
7.As I Leave These Whispering Winds     [6:24]
8.Bereich der Ruh'     [7:43]
Total playing time    46:40

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