Katatonia - Viva Emptiness [2003]

The masterful sixth album from the Swedish Dark Rockers. Presented on 180gram black vinyl with gatefold sleeve & limited to 2000 copies. Regarded by many, including the band themselves, as being among Katatonia's finest albums, Viva Emptiness cemented the band's reputation as a major force, combining heavy rock power with doom and gloom angst-laden pop. A classic of the genre.
- Peaceville Records -


Album     Viva Emptiness
Year     2003
Type     Full-Length
Genre(s)     Depressive Rock
Location     Sweden
Size     96,3 MB
Label     Peaceville Records


Ghost of the Sun

2.Sleeper     [4:08]
3.Criminals     [3:47]
4.A Premonition      [3:33]
5.Will I Arrive      [4:09]
6.Burn the Remembrance      [5:22]
7.Wealth     [4:22]
8.One Year from Now      [4:02]
9.Walking by a Wire      [3:32]
10.Complicity      [4:01]
11.Evidence      [4:36]
12.Omerta      [2:58]
13. Inside the City of Glass      [4:08]
Total playing time    52:45

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