Imperium Dekadenz - Procella Vadens [2010]

Far from reproducing the stereotypical political, religious or misanthropic themes of their genre, Imperium Dekadenz clad metaphors of human transience, ashes, dust and shadows into an antique attire with a penchant for the Roman Empire. Imperium Dekadenz have emerged out of Norwegian Black Metal, but then taken a different path towards epic structures imbued with downcast darkness and precious melodic interludes of fragile acoustic spiderwebs. This sound is now perfected on "Procella Vadens". This "Wanderer in the Storm" climbs to a new peak with ingeniously constructed multi-layered hymns plunged into the pure passion of ancient wrath and mournful melancholy. Listen carefully to "Procella Vadens" and witness a new empire of darkness rise!
- Season of Mist -


     Imperium Dekadenz
Album     Procella Vadens
Year     2010
Type     Full-Length
Genre(s)     Atmospheric Black Metal 
Location     Germany
Size     92,9 MB
Label     Season of Mist


Die Hoffnung stirbt...

2. Lacrimae Mundi      [5:01]
3. A Million Moons      [10:25]
4. Ego Universalis      [4:53]
5. À la nuit tombante      [5:18]
6. An Autumn Serenade      [9:18]
7. Ocean, Mountain's Mirror      [7:06]
8. The Descent into Hades      [4:31]
9. Procella Vadens      [6:45]
10. ...wenn der Sturm beginnt      [1:58]
Total playing time    57:16

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