Antimatter - Lights Out [2003]

In the early 90s UK based bands like Paradise Lost or Anathema created a new sound. They combined heavy guitars with melancholic vocals in a totally new way and become cult acts of a new generation of rock and metalfans worldwide. Antimatter, the group made up of ex Anathema songwriter Duncan Patterson, combined cinematic electronica with relaxed guitar melodies and the melancholy of Anathema ”Eternity” album on last years debut ‘Saviour’. The new ‘Lights Out’ is considerably darker.
‘Saviour’ was written over a long period of time and contained songs from different stages. ‘Lights Out’ is solid unity. Duncan Patterson’s inimitable feel for melancholic melodies always shines far above all other clichés, already making Anathema one of the most unusual groups today.
- Prophecy Productions -


Album     Lights Out
Year     2003
Type     Full-Length
Genre(s)     Alternative Rock | Ambient | Trip Hop
Location     UK
Size     68,3 MB
Label     The End Records


Lights Out

2.Everything You Know is Wrong     [4:03]
3.The Art of a Soft Landing     [4:29]
4.Expire     [7:59]
5.In Stone     [7:49]
6.Reality Clash     [7:45]
7.Dream     [5:54]
8.Terminal     [7:43]
Total playing time    49:47

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