Sidewaytown - Years In The Wall [2009]

The time that you are living in, is a blessing for the one who makes use of it. For more than 15 years Markus Baltes is going through the bottomless depths of deep emotional music with the help of different musical projects. Keen on experimenting someone might say, on the contrary it’s hitting more the root of the matter, when you call him a restless seeker for a deep insight – or just a glimpse of inspiration.
It all began with the dark and mystical metal of his first band Paragon of beauty, but only with his second project Autumnblaze the essential creative work of Markus B. came into life, because he wrote all music and lyrics from then on. On each Autumnblaze record he’s turning to a new musical style – from grim and dreary metal, claustrophobic trip rock, melancholic pop ballads, Radiohead meets The Cure experimental rock to modern post rock.
Now Sidewaytown comes and Markus Baltes is stiring towards a new unexplored haven. His passion for movies and certain sorts of film scores inflamed the idea for this visual, song-oriented post rock project – that’s the main source for Sidewaytown.
 - Viva Hate Records -


Album     Years In The Wall
Year     2009
Type     Full-Length
Genre(s)     Alternative Rock | Shoegaze | Post-Rock
Location     Germany
Size     55,7 MB
Label     Viva Hate Records


Sorry For The Bad View

2.Paper Walls     [4:30]
3.Asylum F22.0     [4:16]
4.Put Your Sun In The Corner     [4:48]
5.Beautiful Accident     [4:43]
6.Lightseconds     [4:40]
7.Empty Station     [3:33]
8.Don't Visit A Dying Bastard     [5:12]
9.Outpatient: Voice     [5:24]
10.The Fine Print     [3:08]
Total playing time   44:00

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