Principe Valiente - Principe Valiente [2011]

Just like The Exploding Boy, Principe Valiente know how they have to dress their post-punk sounds with a black jacket; more than once we had the later sound from Sisters Of Mercy in mind. Melodic songs that have a melancholic feel and all this made with a wall of sound that is formed by shoegaze guitars.
- Peek a Boo magazine -


     Principe Valiente
Album     Principe Valiente
Year     2011
Type     Full-Length
Genre(s)     Post-Punk | Shoegaze
Location     Sweden
Size     92,3 MB
Label     Paris Music | Cosmos Music Group



2.Before You Knew Me     [3:43]
3.One More Time     [4:14]
4.In My Arms     [4:26]
5.New Life     [5:59]
6.Solitary Man     [1:34]
7.Stay     [5:59]
8.Afraid     [5:16]
9.150 Years     [5:17]
10.The Night     [4:43]
11.Dance Like There's No Tomorrow     [4:11]
Total playing time   46:55

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