Loveless - Capela... [2011]

Loveless. It actually sounds a bit ordinary and full of cliche, doesn't it? Well, I was wrong. Terribly wrong. Their Demo, 'Capela', comes with a straight production and conveys a kind of fresh atmosphere which encourages you to start dreaming. If Loveless puts some vocals on further releases and is able to keep this quality up, it isn't that far from being in the same ligue with artists like Alcest or Lantlôs in my opinion. Highly recommended!

Additionally, many thanks to L'Des-Espoir for sharing it.


Album     Capela...
Year     2011
Type     Demo
Genre(s)     Black Metal | Shoegaze
Location     Brazil
Size     9,8 MB
Label     self-released



2.Emptiness     [2:58]
3.Universe     [4:05]
Total playing time    10:41

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  1. Thanks for the mention to L'Des-Espoir, and for the good music you share too.
    I'm sure the band will be pleased with the promotion; I agree with you, they are really good.