Kairi - My Light, My Flesh [2011]

Endless Desperation Prod. presents the new Kairi's album "My Light, My Flesh". In search of their own unique style the band released three demos. Kairi's music is the superposition of deep Ambient sounds, heavy enveloping riffs and despair of Funeral Doom metal. The bloom of melancholic symphony, clear vocals weaving with powerful growls and dark album's atmosphere reflect the soul's journey in the labyrinths of mind. It's the way which starts now.
 - Endless Desperation Productions -


Album     My Light, My Flesh
Year     2011
Type     Full-Length
Genre(s)     [Funeral] Doom Metal
Location     UK
Size     100,2 MB
Label     Endless Desperation Productions


Part I

2.Part II     [7:01]
3.Part III     [9:06]
4. Part IV or My Reality Became a Dream      [7:01]
5.Part V     [8:18]
6.Part VI     [7:26]
Total playing time   44:15

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