Joyless - Without Support [2011]

It has been 10 years of silence since our last fullenght. A long time. But sometimes necessary.  Our upcoming album contains 11 honest songs reflecting these years. Joyless is a minimalistic, direct and thruth seeking band. Enjoy it or not. Musical influences range from the 60ties to present. Our driving force is reality.
- Joyless | Ván Records -


Album     Without Support
Year     2011
Type     Full-Length
Genre(s)     Depressive Rock
Location     Norway
Size     60,7 MB
Label     Ván Records


Have a Nice Fight

2.Puberty and Dreams      [4:19]
3.The Adorn Japetus      [5:03]
4.The Soft Addiction      [4:19]
5.Better     [2:06]
6.De Profundis Domine      [5:03]
7.Shadow Spree      [4:57]
8.Trilobite     [3:27]
9.Shimmer and Shine      [5:41]
10. Velvet Willow      [2:37]
11. Journey      [3:46]
Total playing time   46:56

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