The Fierce And The Dead - If It Carries Like This We Are Moving To Morecambe [2011]

The Fierce And The Dead release their long awaited debut album on the 16th May, the follow up to their critically acclaimed debut EP from 2010. Featuring Matt Stevens - Guitars, Kev Feazey - Bass/synths/production and Stuart Marshall on drums the album has been recorded over the last year. Nick Cave/Faust/Lydia Lunch saxophonist Terry Edwards features on two tracks. The album is dedicated to close friend Dan Wilson who passed away during the making of the album. There are 10 songs, all shorter than the one on the first EP (although that song was 19 minutes long).  The album is released on their own Spencer Park Music label (after turning down several record companies) and they are looking forward to touring in the summer, dates to be announced soon.  .
- The Fierce And The Dead -


     The Fierce And The Dead
Album     If It Carries Like This We Are Moving To Morecambe
Year     2011
Type     Full-Length
Genre(s)     Post-Rock
Location     UK
Size     87,7 MB
Label     self-released



2.Part 2     [5:00]
3.The Wait     [2:05]
4.H.R.     [3:18]
5.Hotel No.6     [2:43]
6.Landcrab     [2:00]
7.Daddies Little Helper     [4:20]
8.Woodchip     [1:56]
9.10x10     [4:19]
10.Andy Fox     [6:09]
Total playing time    37:19

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