The Uncommon Drift - Requiem For An Undying Signal [2011]

Once upon a time in a very distant galaxy, there lived a community of psycho-astronaut human beings. They shared the antic secrets of Life and Creation. They invented us and then, when the right time was reached, they created us in their image to populate the earth during an unforgettable ceremony.

We do not know them but we can experiment their mother-presence within our faculties to feel sensations and emotions. By the time, the desparate research of their meeting has become the most popular noble art of all times.

Some of us are strong in this masterpiece, ready to sacrify all they have to prosecute the quest. Others just fall into despair...
- The Uncommon Drift -


     The Uncommon Drift
Album     Requiem For An Undying Signal
Year     2011
Type     EP
Genre(s)     Post-Rock
Location     ?
Size     53,2 MB
Label     self-released



2.Strange River     [7:50]
3.Symptoms     [4:34]
4.Air     [7:48]
Total playing time    22:53

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