Isolation - Closing a Circle [2011]

"Finally the Isolation debut album appropriately
titled “Closing a Circle”, as it marks the end of
an era for the band. An album filled with
atmospheric, melancholic rock/metal with mostly
clean singing and occasional outbursts of harsh
vocals. After three demos, one compilation and a
split with austere, isolation made sure that they
have found the very own sound they were looking
for, away from harsh and depressive black metal
 towards calmer more atmospheric regions."
 - Eisenwald Tonschmiede -

Band: Isolation
Album: Closing a Circle
 Year: 2011
Type: Full-Length
Genre(s): Post-Rock / Post-Metal
Location: Germany 
Size: 87 MB
Label: Eisenwald Klangschmiede

01. Something and Nothing
 02. Closing a Circle
 03. Never Enough
 04. This Moment
 05. Nomad
 06. One Day
 07. Fan the Flames
 08. There Will be no Answer
 09. The Wasteland
 10. May You Fare Well 

Total playing time: 47:39


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