Inner/Funera Edo - Dolore Iconoclasta [2011, submission]

Bonjour Tristesse is always thankful in getting requested by bands, artists and labels of any genre. But as a specialized blog, webzine or whatever we actually are, we readily can't introduce any of it for conceptual reasons. So we've decided to launch a new category called 'submission' - in order to kinda honor being requested as well as we even want those performers and labels to reach a higher attention level.
It gets started by Lo-Fi Creatures, a Black Metal/Death Metal/Hardcore label located in Italy, whose owner had sent a request to us including three artists that unfortunately doesn't fit in perfectly - although the music itself isn't bad at all.

The third and last one requested from Lo-Fi is about Inner and Funera Edo who did a split called 'Dolore Iconoclasta' together. Playing more or less traditional Black Metal, you won't hear anything new. Don't get me wrong, they do a good job - only the feeling that you've actually heard this several times before remains. Except one song by Inner, 'Ode to Worthlessness', which uses depressive elements and can be considered recommended.


     Inner/Funera Edo
Album     Dolore Iconoclasta
Year     2011
Type     Split
Genre(s)     Black Metal
Location     Italy
Size     71,8 MB
Label     Lo-Fi Creatures


Funera Edo - Soli Nella Notte

2.Funera Edo - Il Ritorno del Lupo     [5:57]
3.Funera Edo - Malleus Christianorum     [6:52]
4.Funera Edo - Il Culto del Nulla      [6:12]
5.Funera Edo - Guerriero del Sole Nero     [6:30]
6.Funera Edo - Il Sentiero Della Nebbia      [7:55]
7.Inner - Cloud of Unknowing     [3:38]
8.Inner - Mantra     [4:00]
9.Inner - Ode to Worthlessness     [6:26]
10.Inner - Whited     [1:57]
Total playing time   52:08

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