Förtvivlan/Mist - Split [2010]

To be honest, I've nearly quitted this split after the first two songs as Förtvivlan's part on this release comes with a very rough production. This certainly might create a kind of atmosphere, in my case it's just hard to hear though. If you feel the same after hearing the first songs, do anything but quit. The appearance of Mist, I promise, turns the whole thing into something really good.


Album     Split
Year     2010
Type     Split
Genre(s)     Depressive Black Metal | Depressive Rock
     Atmospheric Black Metal
Location     Netherlands
Size     37,8 MB
Label     self-released


Förtvivlan - Intro

2.Förtvivlan - Abysmal Hollow      [5:01]
3.Förtvivlan - There are No Answers, When I'm Gone      [6:24]
4.Förtvivlan - Lifeless, Inhuman People      [2:57]
5.Mist - La Cosecha de Nuestra Pena y el Dolor      [8:47]
6.Mist - A World of Ashes      [9:03]
7.Mist - El Corazón del Sol      [4:43]
Total playing time   38:27

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