Blutmond - Thirteen Urban Ways 4 Groovy Bohemian Days [2010]

Post rock meets Black metal? Weird Urban jazz played in the subway by a Demon? Electronic Blues under drugs? Blutmond deliver us a great avant-garde extreme metal album, one of those record you can separate from the others within 30 seconds...
- Code666 -

As a site that marks itself with urban desolation, we certainly have to put this record on. Besides Todtgelichter (Angst) and netra (Mélancolie Urbaine) probably the most valuable release regarding urbanity in music. Very progressive, very dense, very unique. Very good!


Album     Thirteen Urban Ways 4
     Groovy Bohemian Days
Year     2010
Type     Full-Length
Genre(s)     Post-Black Metal
Location     Switzerland
Size     140,5 MB
Label     Code666


Mind Da Gap

2.You vs. The Modern Lifestyle Obsession      [6:34]
3.Working Poor, Yuppie Yeah (A/A 3000)      [3:54]
4.Rebellion     [2:25]
5.Friday - Trapped In Mental Disorder      [7:39]
6.Blind Date Broadway      [5:09]
7.Cry.sys      [5:45]
8.Good Morning World      [2:35]
9.Martini Midnight Madness      [6:59]
10.Metro Aesthetix      [3:58]
11. Suburbs - A Lamentation Or A Social Frustration!?      [6:35]
12.The Party Is Over...      [4:18]
13.Dance N' Society      [6:18]
Total playing time   1:03:54

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