zero|sum - Everything Will Be Okay [2010]

It's not easy to describe zero|sum's music, there's a very unique style you have to deal with. Mainly inspired by Black Metal and Shoegaze, even elements of Post-Metal, Post-Rock and Post-Hardcore can be found on this record - fairly progressive stuff. Instrumentally, they sometimes, when they slow down their 'progresssiveness' a bit, remind me of German Post-Rockers Líam. So I've nothing more to say but recommend it to anyone who actually is into Post-Black Metal and similar genres. I'm certain you won't regret. Furthermore, even this beautiful cover is worth to risk at least an ear.


Album     Everything Will Be Okay
Year     2010
Type     EP
Genre(s)     Post-Black Metal | Shoegaze | Post-Rock
Location     USA
Size     41,9 MB
Label     self-released


I. No One Will Save You

2.II. So Drink The Poison     [3:31]
3.III. And Think Happy Thoughts     [4:25]
Total playing time    17:55

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  1. Wonderful stuff. And since it's free, there's no excuse to not at least give it a try.